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The Vast Lands of Serennia

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A Brief Campaign Overview

The campaign begins in Brin. The city of Brin is the largest city in the world, housing over half a million people. The majority are humans, but it’s safe to say there is a thriving minority community of just about every race sans the aquatic ones and Drow. The city is the jewel of the nation of Akton, and is the western most point on the continent. Brin is at the tip of the Aktonian Peninsula, and has a thriving port district and a large, all-encompassing market district. Chances are if you can’t find something in Brin, or information about it, it probably doesn’t exist. The mayor of Brin is current heir to the Aktonian Throne, Prince Darryn Carlisle. The actual throne is located closer to the middle of Akton in a well fortified city split by the Great Western River, or as most call it, the West River. The capital’s name is uninspired and simple, as are most of the towns across human lands: It’s simply called West City.

Akton is just one of human nations spanning the continent of Endaerinn. Akton encompasses the west, Belton and Rockwell encompass the northwest and northeast provinces, while Cardsonne and Ferrel make up the southwest and southeast. There are also three Dwarven nations in the mountains that span the northern ridge of Endaerinn, who mostly get along with their human friends and engage in trade. Dwarves were also responsible for the construction of most of the stone walls that surround important human cities like Brin and West City. Of course, more than Dwarves and humans call the bulk of Endaerinn their home. Throughout the vast plains that define the lands, there are scattered orc tribes. Some are friendly, content to live a natural life and bother humans little. Others, however, are far more warlike, and it has only become worse given the rapid expansion of humans and the fact that humans have made little concessions on the part of the orcs. Halfings also make up a good part of Endaerinn’s population, and have settled into human lands quite nicely. A small halfling province lies between Cardsonne and Akton, towards the southwestern corner of the continent. The humans call it Little Vale, but undoubtedly the halflings have their own name for it.

In a brief overview of what lies outside of Akton, to the west of Brin there is the Great Sea. Travelling from Brin to the Elven continent of Quenselas is a journey that takes two years by regular boat, assuming average travel times. Most human dignitaries travel there via magic, or at least magical boats provided by the Elves themselves. The capital of the elven lands is Qwyalas, and the vast forest is home to Elves, feral gnomes and halflings, and the major threat throughout the forest are gnolls.

Between Quenselas and Endaerinn, there is a vast amount of ocean, simply know as the Great Ocean. It is littered with various islands and some smaller continents, some of which are said to be home to were-creatures and other less savory races. Around the equator are various jungle islands home to feral humans and other races. Towards the edges of the main continents there are often elven and human colonies. Currently there is some worry that human colonies of Akton are going to break off and form their own island nation. The humans of Endaerinn established a prison on one of the islands. Officially it is called the Northern Island Penitentiary, but it is more commonly referred to as Brigand Island. Aside from the ships that watch the island and the guarded fort that serves as a dock, there is little actual monitoring of the prisoners. Any ship not given a marker to leave the island is blown to pieces- something which the guards of Brigand Island have often used to extort people with. There is also said to be a desert island at the center of the Great Sea which is home to a nation of mystic warriors. There have been travelers who claimed to have come from this island, but the stories are varied and wide. Naturally there is another ocean which connects the two major continents, but it is rarely used. Ice storms and elementals have been known to spawn in the sea, and powerful sea creatures have made it their home. Even sahuagin tread carefully in the Ice Crystal Ocean.

Which brings me to the next matter that is little known outside of scholarly circles. The core of this world is an opening to the elemental plane of water. The pressure around it is so deep that it makes investigating it rather deadly. Also, while there is an underdark in each of the major continents, it is not the vast realm that it is in other worlds. The major threat are the Sahuagin which make their cities on the underside of the continents. They are a constant threat among the islands, and are known to invade Endaerinn and Quenselas through the rivers that lead into the sea.

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